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How to Prepare Your Iron Fence for Painting

Painting your iron fence is not just about hiring a painting contractor and painting it. All your painting efforts will go in vain if you don’t prepare your fence before painting hirein.

For example, if the surface of your fence is filled with grime and moisture, your painting won’t last; it will wear away after some time. And, if you don’t get rid of all the bacteria on your fence before painting it, they will eat up all fine particles of the paint within a month’s time. The minor details that you overlook can negatively affect your fence.

How to prepare your iron fences

Use right brush to remove grime and rust remains

Stain remains and dust make the fence painting extremely difficult. First of all, they make your painting job very troublesome, and even if you manage to paint it; the grime and stain remains will extensively reduce the quality of your paint.

Thus, you need to remove all dust and stain remains before you start painting.

Use a soft brush to remove grime and dust. Using a hard brush will cause stains and other unnecessary damages to the fence.
To remove rust remains, use a very hard brush. Don’t worry about scratches and other damages, because you are cleaning the already stained parts in this case. Rust remains stick to the iron surface very strongly; therefore, you can ward them off with soft brushes.

Smoothen your fence with a sand paper

Before painting your fence, you should always ensure that your fence is exceptionally smooth. If you rub the sand paper very hardly over your fence, it will smoothen up. Rubbing hard with sand paper further removes extremely fine rust remains that were not removed by hard brush. Furthermore, sanding your fence also removes most of the old paint. And removing the old paint is a plus point, but not a necessity.

Wash the fence with cold water

After you have made your fence smooth and free of dust and rust remains, you should gently rub the fence with cold water.

Dip a soft cotton cloth in cold water and rub it gently all over your fence.
After you wash your fence with the wet cloth, rub it again with dry soft cloth to soak all the moisture and water. Letting your wet iron fence dry will facilitate rusting.
Now, leave your fence as it is for a while to let it dry completely. This process will take about 2-30 minutes depending on weather and other conditions.
Cover your fence with clean piece of cloth until you use a rust preventing primer

Smear a rust preventing primer all over your fence

It is safe to put on the rust inhibiting primer over your fence after washing and drying the fence completely. Once you apply this chemical, your fence is completely free from rusting and all other damages, for at least 3 days.

Make sure all water and moisture have dried up completely before smearing the primer.
Spray or smear the primer uniformly over the fence.
Then, you should dry the primer for at least 2 hours, and cover the fence with a soft cloth. Time to dry the primer can vary depending on the brand. Thus, go through the guidelines properly before applying it.

Now you have your iron fence ready for painting. Also, make sure you finish your painting job within a week after drying the primer. If you don’t start painting within a week after preparation, you should do the prep work all over again.