Affordable and Useful Stainless Steel Bracelets

Many people are now looking to wear stainless steel jewelry instead of the more expensive gold and diamond jewelry. In today’s hard times, people seek to wear affordable yet equally beautiful alternatives. There are many kinds and designs of steel bracelets; however, there are also stainless steel bracelets that are magnetic and may provide health benefits aside from the physical beauty these bracelets present Bonnie Jennifer.

There are magnetic bracelet types made for both men and women. There are conventional bracelets for women and men and there are stainless steel magnetic bracelets with real gem stones. These stone bracelets are predominantly for women, but men can wear them as well. Moreover, these bracelets could pass off as expensive white gold jewelry. What the customer knows is that these bracelets are very affordable and would not dent one’s pockets.

There is a magnet bracelet made of stainless steel and turquoise stone. Turquoise is considered a protection amulet and is known as a wealth symbol for many cultures. The turquoise is also a friendship symbol and it is also one of the oldest known gemstones that are used as far back as the Egyptian civilization. When paired with the magnetic stainless links, the turquoise bracelet is made even more elegant.

Another gem steel fusion magnetic bracelet is the stainless steel and jade bracelet. Jade is a powerful stone that attracts love and the stone can also be used to draw money into one’s life. The wearer of the bracelet may visualize money while holding the jade stone in the power hand. Jade also strengthens one’s mental faculties and aids in clear reasoning. It also protects against misfortune and accidents.

There are bracelets for women. The magnetic stainless steel bracelets may reduce pain. Using the bracelets may also aid in blood circulation and body healing. The bracelets are usually worn for wrist or hand pain, shoulder or even elbow pain. The magnetic bracelets are made of 316 surgical stainless steel and high-powered 3000 Gauss neodymium magnets. These stainless steel bracelets are also water-resistant. More and more men are also wearing magnetic stainless steel bracelets.

Despite the promises of using magnetic jewelry and the positive claims asserted by users of magnetic jewelry, magnetic therapy may not be used by just anybody. These are also not meant to substitute the doctor’s conventional therapies. Those with defibrillators, implanted medical devices, and pacemakers should not wear magnetic bracelets. Pregnant women – if they seek to wear magnetic jewelry – should consult with their doctors before wearing magnetic jewelry.

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