A Complete Nutritious Meal

Indian cuisine menus are increasingly popular around the globe, read more. Indian recipes are well-known for their healthy ingredients. These recipes are based upon ancient texts that were passed down from one generation to the next. It is even more important that these recipes are being improvised to fit modern needs.

Indian cuisine menus usually have two main ingredients. Each ingredient works together to counter the negative effects of the other.

Dosa, for example, is an Indian meal that’s a nutritious and complete meal. One dosa is enough to provide your body with all of the necessary vitamins and nutrients. A weight loss diet will allow you to eat one full, satisfying meal and not have to stop at the end.

You want your mouth and tongue to feel full and satisfied after a meal.

Ingredients Complementary and Counter-Active

In Indian dosa we use lentils called “urad dal”. This white lentil, which is high in protein, is very healthy. White Dal is excellent for improving hemoglobin. For people with anemia, Indian herbal doctors recommend one dosa per person daily.

So urad dal is full of all the goodness we want. However, there is no perfect world. There are parts of good ingredients that aren’t good for us. So does urad dal. Consuming too much uraddal can result in’stomach gases’. Indians use an Indian herb called ‘Hing” to remove this component of urad daal. A pinch of ‘hing’ in the dosa batter will remove the negative effects of urad-dal and allow us to enjoy the nutritious quality of the urad.

To counter the side effects of dal, cooking soda was also added. Another benefit of cooking soda is that it aids digestion and reduces the feeling of’stomach gas. Cumin seeds is a third ingredient in dosa batter.

This is how we can benefit from a nutritious meal while also taking on its side effects. Dosa’s side effects can be overcome by the use of three ingredients: cumin seeds (cooking soda), asafoetida (and cumin seeds). These three ingredients contain healthy nutrients. This has removed some of the side effects and made the meal more nutritious.

This is just one of many examples of how Indian food lovers have perfected eating healthy, nutritious meals. This knowledge is passed from one generation to another.

Modern Indians do NOT want to spend much time in the kitchen. The mother of invention is necessity. Instant food items with healthy and nutritious ingredients based on ancient wisdom from Indians are making their way into the food market.

These healthy recipes use ingredients that counter the negative effects of one another and complement each other’s nutritional values.

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